Dream Chaser…

From this point on my page with be dedicated to my journey of becoming a MODEL. Just like many others I am going after my DREAM and that is to become a model. This is not a an easy journey especially becoming a black model in this industry but this is something that I truly want and will work my ass off until I get it. To prove that black models deserve the same chance as everyone else, and I can show little girls who want to grow up that they can be just like me.  I have been blessed to have my parents support me in my dream as well as family and friends and with them as my cheerleaders  and the Lord by my side nothing is going to stop. This past saturday I worked with a well known photographer by the name of Michael William Paul and it was absolutely amazing. Being in front of a man who has worked with such distinguished models was so inspiring, and He told me that… "I nailed the shoot". Words couldn’t even explain the Joy and Excitement inside of me. I can’t wait until I see the photos. This is only the beginning of my modeling career much, much more to come, and I will write and post pictures about my journey and hopefully it inspires someone to chase after their dream as well. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t reach your dream, because it’s only left up to you if you will reach it or not. NO ONE can do it for you. 


Joy Tiffani